Nation Wide Pairs

Site Overview

The intention is to run an event every two weeks, with the nominal date of the event alternating between a Saturday and a Sunday. This date is important in that full results, hand records and board summaries will only be displayed after midnight on the event date. Up until that time only basic results are displayed so as to allow clubs to run on different days with relative impunity. Clubs can make their own decisions as to the starting time of their own event. Only registered ABF members can enter.
To participate in an event a club must first be registered. This registration is free and will enable the club to enter any event that we may run. When a club is registered the nominated club representative, normaly the person who will direct events, will be given an id and password that will enable access to a page that will enable them to declare their intention to run an event, set up the event seating and input the results.
After a club has declared its intention to run in an event, the club representative can access a page that will enable them to download the deal files or a pdf file containing the hand record. The club representative would have to organise the dealing of as many copies of the boards as necessary. Clubs that do not have access to a dealing machine will have to make up copies of the hands from the pdf file. We have vast experience in dealing machines and can facilitate any club's purchase and use of them.
Once the number of tables and types of movement are apparent to the director, the movements are selected and the seating must then be entered. At this point we will enforce that only ABF members who are not currently playing in this event be entered. No results can be entered until the seating has been successfully entered. Movements and seating may be altered at any time provided results have not been entered.
When the director has the results, they must be entered via this site. When the director is satisfied that the results are correct, this site is used to submit confirmation of the results. Once the confirmation is received, we will merge the club's results with any that we already have and they will available for viewing on the site.
We will show the complete results for the event, only one clubs results, the Mitchell North-South and East-West scores and the Howell scores. The bids and number of times bids were made will be shown, along with the hands themselves together with an analysis of the best contracts. A record of the hands and results will be shown for each pair that plays in the event.
The fee for entry will be $1 per player. Clubs will be billed monthly for players who have participated in events under their auspices.