Nationwide Pairs

Entrance to events run via this site will be available to all ABF affiliated clubs and restricted to ABF members.
Events are sent via BridgeMaster, ASE, CompScore, ScoreBridge and from Should your club not be able to avail itself of one of these methods, we can turn on manual input for your club and the results can be entered manually.
These will be Red Point events, with appropriate master points also being allocated by each club
Further details can be obtained by emailing, or viewed here.
If you wish to to enrol your venue to be able to run events on this site click here.
Upcoming Events
Date of EventDay
18 November 2018 Sunday
1 December 2018 Saturday
16 December 2018 Sunday
5 January 2019 Saturday
20 January 2019 Sunday
2 February 2019 Saturday
17 February 2019 Sunday
2 March 2019 Saturday
17 March 2019 Sunday
6 April 2019 Saturday